Air plants

January 20th, 2008 - 

Air plants are a lovely way to decorate your home. Hang them in front of your windows or suspend them from the ceiling near a sunny place. Enjoy them in any pot shapes, made from blown glass, in round or geometrical pots.

For the lovers of air plants, terrariums and green plants of all kind, here is the place for you to be. For those who just love plants, here is the right are to be in the site: find out more about Tillandsia air plants, Teardrop Hanging Air Planters, how to take care of you air plant, where to buy terrariums for sale and much more about the beautiful world of plants.

If having some nice ideas regarding air plant care or you have air plants for sale, just let us know and we will make an article about it. In all cases, we would like to read your comments 🙂

Green walls

Hand blown glass plant globe hanging terrarium

Grass Mirror project by H2o Architects

Reusing Lightbulbs as mini terrariums

White pots on walls