Metal recycling

January 21st, 2008 - 

Using mainly aluminum and steelmetal recycling helps us to make new products out of old scrap metal. Containers, cans, automobiles, appliances, and construction materials are the main materials that can be recycled, together with rails, old car bodies or engine blocks. Recycling metals is economically advantageous, so due to this reason, people started about 150 years ago to use old parts to create new things.  In the  following articles you will be invited to read about how you can recycle metal and you will find out how to use old metal to create something beautiful for your home.

What can you do with your old metal truck bed?

Micro Pup made from recycled materials

How can I recycle metal?

How can you recycle Coke cans?

How can you recycle cans?

How can I recycle wood and metal in a creative way?

Rae Rae Sister’s good junk

Recycled art and assemblages by Leo Sewell

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