Recycle books and magazines

January 22nd, 2008 - 

Recycling books and magazines is not a difficult thing. It is fun and entertaining and through it you can obtain such nice ideas for gifts or decorations for your house. Bracelets, rings, mirror frames, flip-flops or wall art made from recycled magazines and books. Hope you will enjoy our best articles on this matter here:

Alice in Wonderland Recycled Book Bracelet

How can I recycle books_I?

How can I recycle books_II?

30.000 books = 80 foot tower

Dead books transformed into pieces of art by carving technique

Recycle Your Books

Recycle magazines into mirror frames

What can I make from recycled magazines?

Wall art made from recycled magazines by Amy Gibson and Andrea Read

How can you recycle magazines?

Recycled newspaper Flip-Flops

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