Wood recycling

January 22nd, 2008 - 

Wood is one of our favorite material. Gabi loves wood carving and he is skilled in making models out of balsa wood: a nice and soft wood that can be cut with a cutter and even with your nails. Together with Ioana, he designed an eco jewelry collection entirely made from reclaimed wood. See all the contemporary jewels here.

As about what we wrote on these posts, see in the following links some examples of wood recycling: get inspired by creative ideas on how to use reclaimed wood of all kind and share with us your discoveries. Here is our advice: recycle wood in a creative way!

Jewelry and decorative objects made from found wood

Recycle wood into wall art

Plant Markers Made From Recycled Wood

Recycled Wood Mosaic Church

How can I recycle wood and metal in a creative way?

How can you recycle wood to create toys?

How can I recycle cork?

Legend Blues, antique style furniture and old jeans recycled

Make your own recycled furniture

The “Lingo” series, skates made out of recycled wood

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