20 Creative and Repurposed Kitchen Storage Ideas

December 6th, 2010 - 

It’s quite a blessing that there are so many creative and innovative ways to store things in the kitchen. With a fresh take and a will to repurpose, you can create an eclectic, functional kitchen space with a variety of different elements—some of which you never thought would end up in the kitchen!

So, what kinds of things can be reused for kitchen storage?

For utensil storage: 
Card catalog drawers

Empty cans
Flower pots

For linens: 
Vegetable crates
Another dresser!
Vintage silver hooks

For a kitchen island: 
A dresser as a kitchen island
A salvaged industrial table
A Lego sculpture
File cabinets and a butcher block
A library card catalog
More dressers!
An antique woodworker’s table
A lab bench

For dishes, pots and pans: 
A vintage armoire
Chicken coops

For everything else: 
Vintage Airline Food Carts
Card catalog drawer
An IKEA white EXPEDIT-like bookshelf
Test tubes for spices

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    If you don’t have a “green thumb,” you can opt for cut flower
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    Curtains – Choose curtains that will match the off-white color of your cabinets.

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