5 Things to Do With Bubble Wrap After You Move

December 6th, 2010 - 
Keep it. Even if you aren’t an active eBay seller, bubble wrap comes in handy for shipping anything even semi-fragile or making your own padded envelopes. It’s also great to bring to yard sales and flea markets for wrapping up delicate treasures. Or take it to the grocery store for insulating frozen foods or meats during the car ride home on particularly hot days.

Get crafty. Make bubble wrap printed art or wrapping paper (see a how-to on daisy yellow). Make curtains or shower curtains. Make bubble wrap “stained glass” windows (these are also probably great for providing insulation).
De-stress. Keep some sheets of bubble wrap by your desk at work or in your car. We all know that pop, pop, popping can soothe the soul during times of trouble.

Insulate your plants. Even popped bubble wrap is useful for protecting your plants from cold and frost.
There’s a bubble wrap greenhouse how-to on BBC Gardner’s World, but you could also create a simple tent or cover for plants and bushes during the winter months.
Recyclet it. If your curbside recycling doesn’t take bubble wrap, you can check whether you can donate it to your nearest mailbox store for them to reuse.

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