How to Consume Less Calories

December 6th, 2010 - 

So you want to lose weight but you hate dieting. You can’t stand being restricted. Having to say no to chocolate just makes you crave it all the more. Don’t worry. Here are some simple suggestions for you to consume less calories and lose weight without having to diet! Read more:

1. Drink water. If you love to drink soda, that’s fine but limit yourself to one can a day. Don’t buy 2-liters as you’ll want to continually fill that glass. Avoid caffeine. Get down to one cup a day.

2. Trade in your white bread for wheat bread. Likewise, don’t give up your pasta but try wheat noodles instead. This simple exchange will save you many calories and will also provide your family with a much healthier food option.

3. Take your time. Enjoy each bite. Chew each bite thoroughly before swallowing. This may sound overly simple but by following this step, you’ll allow the gases from digestion to rise from your stomach to your brain and avoid overeating as the gases allow you to recognize when you are full. The faster you eat, the more you can eat before you realize you are full. Also, take a sip after every two to three bites. 

4. Many people confuse thirst with hunger. When you first feel hungry, drink so water. If ten minutes later, you still feel hungry, you actually are so go ahead and eat. But you’ll be surprised by the number of times your ‘hunger’ goes away. Likewise, eat more watery foods such as cucumbers. They will fill you up fast and you’ll actually consume less calories by eating them instead of other heavier food options.

6. Whenever possible, buy portion sized. Buy individual chip bags instead of the large family size. Instead of having just one more chip (which always turns into much more than just one!), you are forced and limited to a smaller amount.

7. If you always clean your plate, try to leave a bite or two. Knowing when to stop eating is important. Also, when you go out to a restaurant, immediately ask for a box. When your meal arrives, put half into the
box. Out of sight, out of mind and not into your mouth. Now you have lunch for the next day and won’t have to worry about overeating or stuffing yourself with the huge portions that all restaurants serve.

8. Make sure you eat breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it jumpstarts your metablism. So, basically, if you eat breakfast, you’ll feel less hungry throughout the day. Another tip for cutting calories: use less spread of your toast. Just doing something so small and simple equals less calories and the fewer calories you take in, the better!

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