Most Affordable Christmas Ever

December 12th, 2010 - 

This article is about how to make a decent December and not a horrible January. In your Christmas planning, you must take care of some basic estabilshments:

1. Financial point of view: how much money I want to spend?
2. Schedule p.o.v : in how many places do I have to be on Christmas?
3. Hosting p.o.v : How many invites can I have?

Giving a gift doesn’t mean you have to buy the gift
– we generally think that the most money we spend for a present, the more obvious our feelings are expressed and that we proove our love more
– but you can express your feelings and communicate bu giving some things that do not cost a penny.
– homemade Christmas gifts are the most valuable gifts ever
– it could be anything: a card, a homemade gift, or anything that proove your love and show hoh much energy, time and talents you put
Start saving money for Christmas
– just think of the amount of money you wold like to have on december.
– start 3 months earlier and divide the amount in 3.
– see how much you have to spare in a month
– and then see how you can make the economies.

Watch sales
– since you have already the amount of money and you know how many presents you want to buy and got your shopping list, just take a look at the discounts you have in this period of time
– now you can find a lot of great stuff even in november
– just watch for the sales in this period of time and buy the presents on sale
– don’t let the shoppings until 23 of December
– it will be too late and you will be obliged to buy them at full price

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