What alternatives do I have for heating my home?

December 11th, 2010 - 

The rising electricity prices obliged us to look for other sources of heating our homes. But apart of costs, it is also a way to reduce the carbon emissions.

Solar heat and solar panels
There are many articles and good books about how to install and make the most of solar panels. The sun, for sure, can be a great source of heating your home. Install a solar hot-air collector panel on your house
exterior. the best location is the south-facing wall. But you will also have to have in mind the sun movement through winter months to find out the best location for our house.

Also the design of your house can improve the heating absorbtion. Some architects integrate the house in the landscape so that you can make use of the ambiental: a home that has a sun exposure to the front of the house it will loose less heat. Also, there are bedrooms that are builded underground because this is a great way to conserve the heat. The earth will retian it through the night.

Use less electricity

December 11th, 2010 - 

Today you will find some important thing about how to:

– conserve energy
– make the earth a greener place
– lower your bill
– you could start with the replacement of the old light bulbs with the saving ones. Now you can find them everywhere.
– when you are not at home, adjust thermostats to the minimum or even turn them off
– unplug electronics and devices like phone charges, toasters, hair dryers, TV’s- because anything can consume if they are plugged.
– when you are at home, use only the lights you need. turn off those that you aren’t using and then you will see how low your bill could become.
– take care of good isolation for your windows to make sure that the heating inside your house remain inside your house.:)
photo: showing the electricity in the air.

A green day everyday

December 11th, 2010 - 

All over the world people tend to be green. There are a lot of ideas about how to be green, that people share in books, emails, sites and emails.

In order to be green, you just have to start with small thing for the beginning:)
First step would be to install a recycle station at your place and use it any time. Unfortunately, we recycle about one third of possible items we should recycle. Maybe you can be the first to break this record.
Recycle at work: if there are not special programs at your office yet, just talk to your colleagues and try to
eastablish one. It is estimated that we use like seven trees per person, per year in paper products. For sure, it would be very helpful if you could plant some trees to replace the ones you used.
Walk and bicyle more, use the stairs and don’t use your car if possible: exercises are good for your health. In the same time, make sure that you will have all the things you need in your fridge so that you don’t have to make emergency trips to the store.
East local foods: shipping and transportation between countries are a tremendous counsum of energy. For passionate about garden and plants, you could have a small garden on the balcony- just to have basic fresh vegetables at your disposal.
After all, you could have a lot of fun experimenting and trying the green living.

Ways to reduce resources

December 11th, 2010 - 

1. Use less water

– instead of using tap water for your garden better collect and use rain water. Place some barrels in places where the rain water is drained and then keep it and save water for dry says.
2. Use less energy
– keep your refrigerator full. It will consume less than when it is empty. If you have a lot of empty space in your fridge, try to store flour, grains or pasta because they will stay longer. And also, your refrigerator doesn’t have to consume much energy to stay cool if it is full.
– keep the hot water heater on the lowest setting so that you conserve energy by using less gas or electricity.
3. Compost
– we talked a lot about this in our previous posts. But most important is not to use greasy foods or meat products because they will degrade the quality of the compost.
Instead of buying fertilizers from the store, just prepare it at home from raw food scraps.
4. Reuse bags.
-each time you go to grocery, don’t forget to take your bags with you. Or better, just leave them in your car so that you will have them any time. Instead of buying some new plastic bags, it is alwas better to have your owns, from home.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

December 11th, 2010 - 
Reduce: You can reduce in two ways: by reusing the old things and by reducing the amount of things you consume. You will be advised to use less of everything: like energy, products, benzine. 

Reuse: Improve your objects and if you are already bored of them, try to find them a new way of being. Do not throw them
into the garbage, but think of creative ways to transform them. Look for new ways to reuse the objects and if you can not find a new meaning for them, just offer them to other people.You can find groups online that offer titems to others. Just search for “Freecycle”. As about reusing food, it can be transformed into compost and returning the food to the earth.

Recycle: It’s about putting again the materials back into use. Eeven the small changes could have a great impact.