Recycle Anything- today: Computers and Batteries

December 11th, 2010 - 
Everyone knows how to recycle basic materials like cans, bottles and paper. But what else can we recycle?
Today, find out how you can recycle Computers or Batteries:

The most important reason why we do not recycle them is because of security problems. If you think that all you have to do is deleting the files from the recycle bin, is not that easy. Anybody can access the information even if you had deleted it.
That’s why…first thing to do is erasing the hardware.
With the smallest effort, even a kid with basic knowledge in computers can use programs that can undelete your files and everything you previously had on your computer: tax records, emails, portfolios and others. Kind of scary, right?So, definitely, you should clean your hard drive before donating it to some schools, charity organization, children’s shelter or church.
There is a special program that could help you do that, without affecting programes you already have installed: “Eraser 5.7” can be downloaded

Batteries: They contain dangerous substances like mercury and other chemicals, and that’s why we have to be very careful with them. Don’t buy batteries long time befor you will need them. They will expire and then they will drain down even if they are not used. We advice you to but rechargeable batteries and a charger, together with the toys you buy for your kid. It will be useful to teach him a lesson about eco friendly alternatives.

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