Ways to reduce resources

December 11th, 2010 - 

1. Use less water

– instead of using tap water for your garden better collect and use rain water. Place some barrels in places where the rain water is drained and then keep it and save water for dry says.
2. Use less energy
– keep your refrigerator full. It will consume less than when it is empty. If you have a lot of empty space in your fridge, try to store flour, grains or pasta because they will stay longer. And also, your refrigerator doesn’t have to consume much energy to stay cool if it is full.
– keep the hot water heater on the lowest setting so that you conserve energy by using less gas or electricity.
3. Compost
– we talked a lot about this in our previous posts. But most important is not to use greasy foods or meat products because they will degrade the quality of the compost.
Instead of buying fertilizers from the store, just prepare it at home from raw food scraps.
4. Reuse bags.
-each time you go to grocery, don’t forget to take your bags with you. Or better, just leave them in your car so that you will have them any time. Instead of buying some new plastic bags, it is alwas better to have your owns, from home.

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