Sustainable jewelry by Andy Lifschutz

May 31st, 2011 - 

Andy Lifschutz explore the universe of jewel design using recycled materials such as  bronze, silver, and gold bases. (Recycled metals are made of scrap gold and silver that are refined for reuse.) The artist began his metalwork in Brooklyn where he gained a lot of experience in mettalurgy. As his work progresses, Andy continues to discover new ways to combine his artisan style with raw elements such as reclaimed metals, wood, bone and stone.
Comprised of these materials, his jewelry creates an appeal not solely focused on aesthetic value, but based heavily upon the indelible spirit of powerful organic forms.  Andy tries to explore the natural form of the stones and to capture
the spirit of the organical shape that is so powerful. He creates pieces that contain in themselves the natural world. Lifschutz tailors each base to reflect the stone sitting on it. The chriteria to choose stones that are naturally formes are: first of all, aesthetics, durability and beauty. When he extracts the stones he is trying to harm the environment as little as possible. Via
Haute nature.
photography by Nialls Fallon and Rudolf Bekker

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