Tips for Conserving Energy_ part 2

May 27th, 2011 - 
4. Seal around your windows and doors. Check around window and door frames for cracks or leaks where cold air could be seeping in. You can seal these up with caulk. For larger gaps, check out your local hardware store for sealing solutions. 

5. Be a draft dodger. Warm air can escape under exterior doors. Seal up these areas by keeping a rolled up towel pressed against the bottom of the door, dorm-room style. If you want to get fancy, WikiHow has a great tutorial on making your own!

6. Turn down your hot water heater. Make sure it’s set to “normal” or 120 degrees. Any hotter is just a waste of energy.

7. Practice a little feng shui. Set up your rooms so that places where you sit and sleep are not near big windows or
exterior walls, wherever possible. If your sofa, bed, or desk has to be near exterior walls or a big window, you might add a little warmth and flair with some heavy curtains over that window or a cheery wall-hanging.

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