Help the Environment And Save Energy

June 5th, 2011 - 

Generic advices on how to save energy and go green:

Heating related:
– in winter time, heat only the rooms you use, not more and close the doors between halls and rooms
– don’t set the heather too high, better wear something warmer
– invest in thermostats
– use double or triple glazed windows: they will keep you much warmer and their wooden frame will last much longer than a plastic frame

Water related:
– use your washing machine and dishwsher only when they are fully loaded
reuse water in your household
– if you want to boil water, use as much water as you need, don’t waste and don’t use more than necessary
Energy related:
– use energy saving bulbs turn off lights not used
– avoid buying packagings and products that have too many layers of packaging
– buy in large containers, instead of 5 bottles of mineral water containing 1 liter it is better to buy a 5 liter bottle
– don’t use your car if short trips; if you have the possibility just walk or take the bike
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How to buy a low consuming washing machine

June 5th, 2011 - 

1. Size matters:

When choosing a washing machine do not forget to take a look at the load capacity. Don’t buy a big load machine if you are a single person with a small wardrobe. Choose a machine that reflects your household’s washing needs.
2. Cold and hot water machines:
It is always better to have a cold water machine and use solar heating to make this water to the properly temperature needed for washing. A cold water cycle uses almost 90% less energy than a warm or hot water cycle. If you use powder detergent it is better to dissolve it previously in the case you want your machine to work with cold water.
3. Low water consumption:
Look for the triple A rated machine: AAA. Do not forget that 16% of the water used in a household goes into washing machines.
Once you bought a new washing machine, there are a few steps to follow to prolonge its life: Clean the filters once in a
while. They may contain dirt of sand. Use the right amount of detergent accordingly to the water you use and the soiling of the load. Other advices: wash only on full loads, use phosphate free, bleach free, and fragrance free soap and try to hang laundry to dry instead of using special dry machines.

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