Advices and extra-tips for bird lovers

June 2nd, 2011 - 

If you have a passion in feeding animals and if you like them so much, here there are some advices: don’t overfill the feeders. Birds are messy eaters so everything will be messed around. Keep the area clean and be careful not to leave the dried fruits hanged too much.
If birds did not discovered the area yet, there is the possibility that your feeders are rotten and they will smell and be dangerous for birds in a few days. If you can, add some water source also near the grains. If you are so passioned
about this, you can try putting feeders in the same place the year round. Soon they will be habituated to come in the same place and they will know that the area is a reliable food source. So, you will have your friends around, plus tier music:) the whole year. Don’t establish the place in a crowded area or in a place that your cat can easliy reach. Good luck!

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