Bee art and sculptures by Aganetha Dyck

June 22nd, 2011 - 

The plexiglass house, Masked ball series, The Queen, Dragon Slayer, are just a few of the projects Aganetha Dyck is doing as a sculptor. The multi media Canadian artist is interested in the connection between human beings and other species. She studied a lot the bee’s use of sound, their dance and vibration and their sight.
She was in the Netherlands and UK to research this issues: she studied the flowers and she visited The Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Britain. She was in rance where she worked for 3 months in a studio in Troyes. Since 1991,
Aganetha Dyck
is working with honeybees to create art: nice sculptures that are colorful and covered in honeycomb structures.She confesses that she is interested mostly in small things in life, usually things that are ignored by most of the people. 

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