Creative things to do with bubble wrap

June 2nd, 2011 - 

What can you do with bubble wrap? You can use them as a carpet and jump on it at a party to enjoy yourself with your friends. You could follow the scandinavian example and use it as a carpet also but this time brutally run over with your chair. Pop a lot technique.:)

Apart of the common thing to de-stress, there is a list of what can you do with your bubble wrap:
1. Make bubble wrap curtains – nice idea to use bubble wraps. Instead of the blue tape you can also use wood frames that you can color also. Bubble wrap could also function as partitions in your house when you want to isolate a corner for more intimacy. This, if your guest won’t quickly pop pop pop your creation:)

2. Use bubble wrap for your garden -it takes only 30 minutes to install this in your garden. Measure the sizes of your green house, fix the bubble wraps into the frame with nails or pins. You can play with large or small bubbles for more or
less light. This installation should be good for at least 3 years without replacement.

3. Paint and make beautiful bubble wrap stamps out of them. Use ink or watercolors to create nice paintings on the surface of the bubble wrap foil. Or you can make stamps and play with the dotted surfaces to create decorative paintings. You can use the bubble wrap after that, when the colors are dried. Cut the foil in shapes and make collages out of them, as you want: for your journal, for bookmarks to your beloved book or artistic cards to send to friends. See the pictures below from Daisy Yellow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ah idée simpatica cu amprentele!… ramane de incercat

  2. Anonymous says:

    da:) ne-am jucat si noi la grafica asa, in tehnica asta. si cred ca si niste paravane in casa color ar merge.

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