Plastikoleum Tower converts waste plastic into oil

June 2nd, 2011 - 

The Japanese inventor Akinori Ito sells convertors machines that can transform plastic waste into raw petroleum that can be then converted into gasoline, diesel or kerosen fuel. The Japanese have created many sizes of these convertors and he train people to recycle plastics with a small desktop convertor version like this one:

His company, Blest Corporation, sells various scales of his converter from 1kg capacity to 50kg. The device can produce 1 liter of oil from 1 kg of plastic waste material. Starting from this point, there is this Plastikoleum Tower project that aims to improve this idea and to recycle plastic on big scale: I mean tones of plastics a day, using solar power. And all this because the converter Akinori created consumes a lot of energy in the process.The latest technologies are
very efficient when it comes to using solar power. While most solar towers are generally sized at around 20MW capacity, the Plastikoleum Tower is rated at 10MW. At 10 tons per hour capacity these towers could produce around 60 barrels of oil every hour. Via
Inhabitat, Plastics Today, Land Art Generator and Clean Technica.


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