Recycle Your Books

June 23rd, 2011 - 

You can realize how many books you have collected in time only when you move and you can see that more than half of your things are books. Sincerely, I find a reason for each one of them: this I will want to keep for my kids, these they will need at school, these I will keep ( maybe they will become artists like me and my husband) , this I get from my anniversary and this was the first book I bought and so on.
Most of us have a lot of books that we will never read once again. Many hospitals appreciate donations of books for patients to read. Try contacting the League of Friends in the first place if your hospital has one. Books can be donated,
given as presents or sold via online.
What I saw in Germany is that people leave books on benches, in the parks and this is a great idea when you are tired and want to rest and read something. And for sure, you didn’t think of bringing one in the park. Another great thing is to exchange a book to another. There is this bookcrossing here and please take a look a how it works.

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