Vertical farms in a city skyscraper in Prague

June 23rd, 2011 - 

Two architects Michal Votruba and Michaela Dejdarova thought of this agricultural landscape idea. For big cities that have the need to have more green spaces, this is a wonderful idea of how to have your private garden or your special piece of land.They two architects suggest the growing of local fruits and vegetables directly where there is the need.
Instead of just using transportation to bring fruits and goods in an office center, it is better to directly cultivate them in the nearby. Exactly, more precisely to have terraces directly on the skyscarper. The concept essentially involves the
stacking of modular tetrahedrons that offer added surface area to green terraces and encourage the penetration of sunlight and air. The system uses rainwater collection systems and integrated solar panels to reduce the consume of energy and water. So, bring farmlands to the urban spaces. Via here.

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