Ways to save Earth’s energy without using yours

June 2nd, 2011 - 

Some useful tips on how to go green without doing to complicated things. The internet has a lot of eco ideas to offer but most of them are very difficult to put in practice. There are these small common sense things that one can do at home in order to protect nature and to save energy and comsuming.

First of all, Beware the cell phone charger. I’ve seen that a lot of people leave the charger plugged in after charging their mobile phones. Apart of the fact that this can affect your charger’s life, this is also loading your bill and also waste a lot of energy.Whether charging a phone or not, chargers continue to pull energy from the outlet at alarmingly
high rates, especially when they’re left plugged in constantly, which is the norm. Teach your family to be responsable and to plug the chargers only when they need to charge their phones.

Secondly, try to consume local fruit and vegetables. This will contribute to less resources and energy waste when transporting goods from one place to another.
At the end, do not forget to go for CFLs- meaning Compact fluorescent lamps that can save a lot of energy and also reduce your family costs in time. The energy savings are equal to about 40 dollars per bulb.
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