Ways to save paper

June 23rd, 2011 - 
It is very easy to save and recycle paper. First, all you have to do is to arrange the paper into 3 categories: newspaper, office paper and colored paper– like magazines for example that may have toxic ink added. Keep in mind to use both parts of the paper when printing or photocopying.

When it is possible, refuse to receive advertising on brand that you are not interested. I all the time receive a lot of informations by post that I really do not need. Others: use the email more than sending stuff by post and when it comes to send some congrats or invitations it is always better to make it via online.  Pay your bills by Direct Debit and
ask to receive Bank Statements less frequently. When you have extra magazines or books that you don’t need anymore just donate them to hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, libraries or anywhere with a waiting room.  Buy second-hand books or just borrow them from friends who have them already. 
See an interesting movie here about recycling and its advantages.

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