Recycling Facts

July 10th, 2011 - 

I found a list of recycling facts that make me aware how easy it is to care a little bit about consuming. If each of us would follow some basic rules, great things could be achieved together. A person uses 90 drink cans, 70 food cans, 107 bottles and jars and gets in contact with 45 kg of plastic. And this happens every year. UK alone uses so many cans each year, double the distance moon-earth. This is about 12 billion cans every year. If we think about nappies, around
7 million trees are cut each year but in the meantime, 17 trees can be saved when recycling a tonne of paper. As about glass, from 6 bottles, we thrown away five of them instead of recycling. And when it comes to households and
numbers, you have to know that each person in England produces about half tonne of waste per year, and each family is putting to the bin wasted paper that is the equivalent of 6 trees. About plastic, only in Bristol there are more than 50 million plastic bottles of 2 liters each. Quite impressive facts, right?

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Scarf Necklace made of old t-shirts

July 7th, 2011 - 

I like Ecoist online shop because they sell products that are very creative, they look wonderful and they are affordable. And most important, they are made from recycled and reused products that you never imagined being transformed into such nice pieces of design. Here is an idea that anybody can do at home.
Without great efforts, you can put your old t-shirt to better use: Saako’s Summer scarf-like necklaces are made from upcycled t-shirts and factory remnants. Made in Portugal by Spanish and portugese textiles. You can choose from
more models with crazy names like: Cobra, Safari, Leopard or if you prefer, buy an uni color. They have black and white neckalces, red-mustard or purple and yellow. They all look great and they are lightweight. Price: 58 $.

Aluminum pull tab transformed into a must have accessory for fall

July 7th, 2011 - 

Based in San Francisco and Brazil, Escama Studio makes beautiful recycled fashion accessories using crochet and recycled aluminum pull-tabs. Made from 100% recycled materials, these accesorries are perfect for days when you want to be shiny, go out and you don’t have much to carry out.
Some of the pieces below can have even more than 700 Aluminum pull tab pieces that are crocheted. They have zip closure and they are handmade products made in Brazil. You can find purses, bags, belts, bracelets or
necklaces, all made in the same technique, here. First, the Aluminum pull tabs are washed and clean and dried in the sun. Then, the workers of Escama Studio are starting to put pieces together: the Aluminum pull tab pieces are crocheted. See the how is made movie below. Via here.

M&M’s Red Mix recycled handbag

July 7th, 2011 - 

M&M’s are my favourite chocolate bonbons. Colorful and fun, the chocolate packagings are transformed now into cute hand bags. You will have enough space for your keys, phones, make-up and glasses and also a starting point for any conversation.
Made from recycled M&M’s wrappers, the bag is water resistant, strong and sturdy and it has a zip closing. The handbag costs less than 30 $ and can be bought here. If you are an M&M’s addict, you can find a bag on
green, pink, mixed colors or lila.
See here also bowls and other products made from packagings.

Polish artist NeSpoon and lace designs at the Baltic sea beach

July 7th, 2011 - 

Polish artist NeSpoon is providing a lot of entertainment at the Baltic sea beach. For those who do not know the artist, she is famous due to her pottery designs, street art, stencils and lace designs placed in different parts of towns.
For more details, see the pictures below. Delicate lace installations that complete the rocks or the trees and abandoned woods on the beach, as you can see. The art is interactive, the pieces are moved by the wind or the kids
constructing beach camps at the sea side. Via here.