Poufs made by Designer studio Ricrea

July 6th, 2011 - 

All kind of poufs (cubes, round poufs or bench poufs) made by design studio Ricrea ( represented by the trio Angela Mensi, Ingrid Taro and Cristina Merlo ). The studio is well knows due to the unique furniture collections made out of industrial left-overs: latex and materials coming from the shoe industry.
Ricrea collection offers not only poufs but also sofas, armchairs, benches, vases, all hand-made in Italy. The poufs below are using industrial waste and it is said they are very confortable. Everything is handmade and recycled from
car tyres
that were previously cleaned and painted. Via here.

Flour Fellow: Kyssen – design by Johanna Hansson and print by Carina Nibér

July 6th, 2011 - 

Johanna Hansson graduated in 2008 in Malmö, at the Production and Design school. She works in furniture and interior design at Berhin Studios. The Flour Fellow design below is one of her first green furniture products. As about Carina Niber, she is an artist that prefers to paint in oil on large sizes canvas. 
The Flour Fellow is more than just an ergonomical sack that conforms to your body shape. It is made in natural fibers, unlike other sacks that are synthetic and in plastic. I used to have this at home and it was really giving me that
synthetic feeling.
Outer canvas in heavy-duty but soft hemp cloth (machine washable). The inner lining is made out of ecologically produced cotton, and the filling from recycled Styrofoam. You can easily peel the outer liner and wash it in the washing machine at 40° C.

Sack design: Johanna Hansson
Print: Carina Nibér

Price: 407 €

Dead books transformed into pieces of art by carving technique

July 6th, 2011 - 

What I nice idea to decorate your shelves! Instead of throwing old books, the Australian artist Kylie Stillman uses them and she carves beautiful artworks: trees and different plants: a pine tree, an oak or a maple tree. She considers books that are no longer useful, real canvas where she can artistically express herself: “I like to work with books because they have their own stories and history that they bring to the art.
I carve into the pages and the covers of the books create a frame for the pictures.” She finds books in second-hand shops or she receives unuseful or outdated books from family and friends.  After that, she works sometimes months for
each artwork and in the meantime she is trying to put all her thought together and to relax.
I like the idea of cyclicity: trees are carved in books that once were real trees:)