Cardboard art objects by Chris Gilmour

July 4th, 2011 - 

Chris Gilomour transforms everyday objects into art. He uses only glue and cardboard to create objects full of precious details. Chris started to work models that were small in size at the beginning and then he even realised big models like the hanging piano that you can see in the picture below. What I like about his pieces of art is that they are so well done that you have the impression you could open the door to the car or turn the wheel.
The works he produces are made from cardboard boxes found on the street. He is giving a new life to the materials just by recycling. I like also the natural aspect of the models. Chris is not using many colors because he tries to keep it
simple and to pout in value the shape of his designs. He confesses he is inspired and influenced by  Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworthy, Tom Friedman, and Bill Woodrow – Goldsworthy and Kapoor make sculptures with an incredible attention to the nature of the materials they use, and, although the appearance of the work is completely different.
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