Sweaters made from recycled dog hair

July 4th, 2011 - 
An interesting how-to idea of recycling: collect your dog hair and  convert it into nice sweaters, scarfs, hats or vests. You could save money, material and also go green. The dog hair is combined with natural wool to be knitted in these pieces of clothing. In fact, this idea is not very new: it was used by the Eskimos for the centuries.

The studies proove that the dog’s hair is about 80% warmer than wool. The best hair is provided by breeds such as Newfoundlands, Chow Chows, Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhounds.

What is important is that when coats get wet, they will not have the smell of a wet dog. There are special books where you can read all about managing with dog’s hair: Kendall Crolius, “Knitting With Dog Hair: Better A Sweater From A Dog You Know and Love Than From A Sheep You’ll Never Meet”. What do you think about this? Would you wear sweaters made from recycled dog hair? Via here.

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