Creative uses for ice cubes

October 12th, 2011 - 


I found on Planetgreen some nice advices on how to use ice cubes other than just in your Coke. I am not sure I would want to try the ice cubes on my plants like the following: to arrange some ice cubes on the pots: they will melt and at the end they will be transformed into water for your plants. But for sure I would use the ice cubes before ironing or when waxing. Another creative use is to put the cubes in your soup: No joke. If you put some ice cubes in a metal ladle and skim it over the top of hot soup, the excess fat in the soup actually clings to the bottom of the ladle. I use ice cubes for removing chewing gum from a blouse or cloth: this is the only way you
can remove it actually, if you do not want to cut your new dress. What others can you make with an ice cube? Via here. Picture from here.


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