Make jewelry from junk

October 20th, 2011 - 


What do you need? Some junk, for sure. Use some old credit cards or phone cards. In fact, any plastic will do. You will need some scissors, rulers, markers, a drill and a needle. You can make any shape you want. Below you can find an example of an accessory made out of rectangle shapes. First you cut the shapes you want, then you should soften them a little bit by using a sandpaper. Adjust the size and the number of each tile in function of your wrist. If it is smaller, you will need not more than 21 tiles. For bigger wrists, it is better to have
more: about 24. You can reuse any plastics: I would prefer a no pattern one, so that I could put some colors and decorations on them. From one of my favorite books by Kate Shoup: Rubbish: reuse your refuse. Designer: Roxane Cerda




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