Some budget-friendly home decoration ideas

October 13th, 2011 - 

If you think buying some new furniture and decoration for your new home, here are some practical ideas that anyone can do at home. Here is a nice transformation from an old brass chandelier into a very fashionable one, painted as you like. See the steps and more picture on Craftster. On the same site there is also an example of how to use in a creative way an old spoon. All you have is to buy from a Fleamarket an old fancy spoon: the fancier the handle, the better. Use a hammer to bend the spoon as you can see in the images and (more…)

Creative uses for ice cubes

October 12th, 2011 - 


I found on Planetgreen some nice advices on how to use ice cubes other than just in your Coke. I am not sure I would want to try the ice cubes on my plants like the following: to arrange some ice cubes on the pots: they will melt and at the end they will be transformed into water for your plants. But for sure I would use the ice cubes before ironing or when waxing. Another creative use is to put the cubes in your soup: No joke. If you put some ice cubes in a metal ladle and skim it over the top of hot soup, the excess fat in the soup actually clings to (more…)

Reuse leftover soap

October 12th, 2011 - 


I remember my mum used to put all leftover soap together and the result was a very colorful piece of soap that she gave me to make some sculptures from it. I liked carving and creating small figures out of the leftovers. Apart of this, she used old soap in the washing machine or she put the leftovers in that special device in the closet, to make some bubbles and clean the toilet. On planetgreen site there are some tips also about how to reuse (more…)

Recycle tea bags

October 10th, 2011 - 

What can you do with old tea bags? Planetgreen suggests you could feed the plants in your garden or pots. The tea bags contain some substances that can enrich the soil and also they feed the earthworms. Apart of this, you can use tea bags to enrich your compost. Or you can boil again and again the tea bag and with the water resulted, you can water your plants. In case you have eye circles, this is already well-known: to put the (more…)

The art of macramé

October 10th, 2011 - 

I think everyone appreciate the art of macramé. A lot of designers nowadays use this technique in their collection on stage. Along with other fiber arts, there is an evident trend in the latest years of the renaissance of macramé. See here an example of decorative macramé used to place flower (more…)