Introducing a Nobel winning Green Techonolgy: Envirotabs

November 21st, 2011 - 


I am sure you will be interested in a NOBEL WINNING GREEN TECHNOLOGY that saves money on fuel and will REDUCE EMISSIONS up to 75% and more in most cases, from ANY combustible engine whether it be gas, diesel or E85. I will share with you more on this innovative product that is very effective. In a world of economic uncertainty, there is something that will help you save money, consume less and pollute less. Envirotabs site presents a product that is completely safe for your engine, it reduces harmful emissions and it could also increase your horsepower. All you have to do is introduce the Envirotabs in your fuel tank

every time you purchase any gasoline. Help the Planet be a little more greener. Thank you, Leo, for sharing this with our readers! 🙂

For contacting Leo Murray and learn more about the Envirotabs, see his email here: and his website here.


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  1. Leo Murray says:

    I will be more than happy to share more information and answer questions about envirotabs. My website is . TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE AIR WE BREATH!!

  2. Inspiration of the nation says:

    thank you Leo for sharing this:)

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