Limits of solar power

November 10th, 2011 - 


I was recently at some friends that had solar panels, I took a shower late in the night and I discovered some problems regarding the limitations of solar power usage. First of all, you will need more than 37 Celsius degrees in order to feel the effect of a warm water. If this is not happening, my case, I felt like taking a bath in the sea. Anyway, the shower was short, I can tell:) Searching on the internet, I found some information about the limits of solar power. The location, hours of daylight and angle of the solar panel all affect how well solar panels operate. What to do with the energy once it is obtained is another issue.To work best, solar panels should stay in direct sunlight and the hours of sunlight will influence the efficiency. Batteries and sun tracking

could help, though. Also, there are limitations if your house is not oriented in the path of the sun, not close to the forest and not being shaded.



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