How can I reuse wine crates and transform them into desks?

January 16th, 2012 - 


Shama’s designs are a reflection of the artist and have been described as inspirational, original, and bold by her many domestic and international clients. Sharma fell in love with this wine crate and apparently, it was quite hard to get rid of it. What a great idea to use this and transform it into a desk? This is a table made from reclaimed pine tree vintage wine crate. Nice thing that this desk has enough space to keep all your

magazines and papers
. Lovely design that looks amazing in any house.The size of the table is 23″ x 13″ x 26″H, making it a great size for an entry way or a small kitchen space.




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  1. Winepine says:

    Continuum is an impossible wine crate to acquire. I can’t stress how fortunate you are to have found that piece in the condition it’s in. My only suggestion would be to apply a moisture resistant finish to it for overall protection, if you’re able to find another and make another table. Nevertheless It still looks gorgeous.

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