Plant Markers Made From Recycled Wood

January 15th, 2012 - 


Andrew and Melissa are the two shop owners of this Etsy online store. The two are very talented and they work a lot in wood. Andrew does much of the woodworking, while Melissa handles administration, advertising, and such. Whenever possible, Melissa has stepped in to assist with woodworking, and has picked up a great volume of experience, and has opened her own shop, strictly for supplies, vintage, and findings. I was impressed by everything they do and here they are, the Plant Markers Made From Recycled Wood. They use

pieces that were prepared for demolition, fences and old wood in order to create these beauties. Enjoy the plant markers below: light colors, smooth texture
made from recycled Alaskan Yellow Cedar with a sweet peppery aroma, makes a nice gift!




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