Jewelry and decorative objects made from found wood

January 19th, 2013 - 

Dr. İftwood’s shop on Etsy, Yalos is one of my favorites. I found the shop recently and kept on taking a look at these beautiful things gathered from the beach. The artists confess that the nature did everything, in fact. All they do is to gather the wood and pebbles put all these together and bring out the beauty perfectly created by nature. What means YALOS? There is no actual word for “driftwood” in Turkish. The Alanya people have adopted the

Greek word ” ΥΑΛΟΣ-yalos” (coastline) to mean driftwood. The artists don’t use carving and cutting, all you see they found  on the beaches of Alanya, Turkey. See here their Facebook for more details regarding their art. I really do not know what to choose as my favorite piece: the Valentine’s day heart made from found wood, the sailboat, the angel, the fish or the wreath. Anyway, I added a picture from all of them and maybe you will let me know which one is your favorite.

The driftwood is glued and additionally fixed with nails on a carton covered on the back with red/white striped cotton fabric. The different colors of the driftwood reflects the different trees which grow in the Taurus mountains around Alanya.

found pebbles art

heart from found wood 2

angel statue made from found wood on the beach

boat made from found wood

boats made from found wood

wreath made from found wood


2 Responses to “Jewelry and decorative objects made from found wood”

  1. Christiane says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Yalos and for your wonderful words about our work.
    It is a real passion to work with driftwood and see its beauty and imagine its history.

    • admin says:

      everyone wrote me about your works. such a lovely idea to use found wood on the beach and to make art out of it:)please update me with your new works! thank you!

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