Wedding albums and journals made from recycled paper

January 20th, 2013 - 

wedding albums made from recycled paper

What can you do with Indian cotton paper, birch bark, driftwood, small fragment from a book called “Cistercian Legends” bought in an Oxfam shop in Dublin, organza ribbon, embossing paste? The items created by Tia can be used as a wedding album, wedding journal, wedding guests book or as baptizing albums or simple: as nice gifts for your friends. I like the details she creates: the precious laces, the whites and the pearl colors. The paper is hand-made, the artist does all the beauties you see in the images below. Tia O’Connor makes handmade craft objects, mainly journals, inspired by nature, surroundings, literature, painting and her travelings. How all this started? As Tia wrote on her site, “It all began with a collection of disparate materials that had an Eastern flavor – handmade wrapping papers and small objects (mirrors from an Indian sofa cover, tiny Indian bells).

As my collection of these objects grew, I started to see them together as an assemblage. That’s how the first journals were created.” In time, she worked on her technique and after the Romanian inspired art works, now that she moved to Ireland, she started to have more clear designs, inspired by the nature. She integrated textiles in her journals, textiles that covered not only the covers but also the pages inside the albums. What I like most is the fact that each album has a personality of his own and it is a starting point for the future owners that are invited to be creative to fill the pages.

See here Tia’s site to discover more albums, all being one of a kind. If interested in an interview with Tia O’Connor to find out about her projects, inspirational moments and more about the process of creating these paper crafted albums, see here.

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