Bird feeders from fine porcelain

February 4th, 2013 - 

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What can be more precious than a perfect shape and a super clean design? Here is the idea InglesidePottery came with: a porcelain bird feeder that will be perfect for those who love minimalist design and white volumes. Here is what Laine, from Ohio, USA – says about the model: “I throw each piece from fine, white porcelain and burnish the exterior surface to develop a beautifully smooth, velvety patina on the unglazed surface.

I am drawn to the natural matte sheen of these porcelain planters. Each feeder has one pinhole size drainage hole in the bottom of the feeder makes this piece perfect rain or shine.”

See more about the artist and take a look at her porcelain art, decorative shapes and beautiful, minimalist designs here.

Bird feeders from fine porcelain

Bird feeders from porcelain

porcelain bird feeders

modern bird feeder

modern bird feeders

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