Recycled art and assemblages by Leo Sewell

February 4th, 2013 - 

I am sure you saw a lot of artist that do creative stuff out of metal recycling parts. Today I will present you Leo Sewell‘s works: animals, art installations and wall art. Leo Sewell is a creative artist that used to assemble old, recycled things since like ever. From sculptures as tiny as a pet, to 40 foot installations, he is very happy to create them all. He uses recycled parts: metal, plastic, wood to create colorful sculptures that are very expressive.

I found him also on Etsy, where is is willing to work any pieces of art you might dream of, plus the fact that he will be happy to make something out of your junk things ( for a more personalized piece of art). As he describes himself, Leo Sewell is a junk artist, that does assemblages, and recycled art. He “grew up near a dump. He has played with junk now for fifty years and has developed his own assemblage technique. His works are collected by corporations, museums and individuals throughout the world.”


Leo Sewell decoy

Leo Sewell's duck

Leo Sewell Recycled art

Leo Sewell Recycled cat

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