Air plants decorations

November 2nd, 2014 - 

air plants decorations

Who does not like simple, minimalistic designs and decorations that can fill any space and fit any room? This time, there is a shop on Etsy that I want to show you: HRUSKAA. These guys are creating such beautiful things: geometric mobile objects inspired by the Finnish himmeli. These objects are suspended and they are in continuous movement, suspended with thin cords.

Angular lines are creating a nice visual effect, and I am sore this movement can relax every person in the room. These displays are beautiful all alone but if you will complete the minimalistic shapes with a nice air plant, I am sure the effect will be even stronger.

Available in rigid black or brass straws, in black or gold straws, these decorations are hand sewn with black or white nylon cord. Their size are about 30 cm x 90 cm or smaller, having about 24 – 30 cm. Watch out that the plants can be used only for indoor places and also, be sure to take care of the plants when removing from the installation – to add water to the plant.

As about the straws, you should know that the rigid straws have a satin finish polishment. The material is strong enough to carry the plant installation but in the meantime, it has a lightweight property – like that of aluminum.

About the decorative installations Рyou should know that you can have them in different sizes, colors and combination of elements: 4 or 8 elements  and they have the perfect size to adorn the holiday tree or collect a large bare branch to display them from year round.

Also, and due to the fact that Christmas time is near, you can have them hanged in your X-mas tree as decorative ornaments as well.

For more modern geometric mobiles, air plant prisms, different wall sculptures, wreaths,  or hanging planters, just visit HRUSKAA.

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