Unique lampshade made from upcycled fabric

November 2nd, 2014 - 

crocheted lamp

I must confess I am in love with grays and especially light grays like you will see in the images below. I found a shop that has interesting designs that are crocheted.

Buubok offers self-designed and crafted unique products. Using experience and skills Buubok creates modern handmade products in cotton.

The lamp I will present to you is ready to hang in any room, and especially in your kid’s room because it has no chance to be broken.

Crocheted on a metallic structure, this lamp is made from upcycled fabrics.The material is re-used so that the piece has an ecological design.

Each model is unique and the models may vary due to the fact that the material is hand cutted from a cotton cloth.

For sure, these lamps are durable and resistant.

Lampshade is already mounted on the cable with a connection to the installation. Wire cord with a length of 1.80 m can be shortened to desired length, suitable for your room. Just cut the cord in place of connection.

See more Buubok designs on their online store.

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  1. buubok says:

    Please notice that there is mistake in the article: lamps CAN NOT be washed because they are already mounted on electric cord set (which can not have any contact with water!). Buubok is not recommending washing lamps, absolutely!
    Only rugs made from upcycled cotton fabrics CAN be washed in wash machine.

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