Australian nature around the neck, the wrists, ears and fingers

September 23rd, 2015 - 

wooden jewelryThe organic & natural trend in jewelry is still cascading and inspiring more and more designers to play around making intricate, unique pieces of crafted accessories, much to my own personal joy. If some years ago they used to play with wood only or with crystals/crystallized resins only, now the technical advancements allow them to mix & play with several materials in one piece of jewelry.

How wouldn’t they, given that the nature is the most diverse and inspiring medium and material provider?

Britta Boeckmann also appreciates the perfect imperfections of nature and handly crafts each piece – no template, no piece like another. A retro technique, perhaps, but that’s most suitable for her creations, allowing the pieces to evolve organically during her crafting them (much like nature itself).

The colorful pendants are not inspired by nature at random, but by that of Australia, where the German nationality artist is currently based. Mainly, the crafting process implies making molds, casting resin and wood, gently sanding the pieces into their unique shapes and then finally varnishing or oiling the jewellery – but of course, it varies a bit for each piece.

Britta draws her inspiration from the diverse and wonderfully intricate wood types in Australia, and, on her Facebook page, she confesses that she can never refuse a piece of wood sent out to her by fans – simply because she’s so fascinated with its textures.

Besides jewelry she sometimes plays with illustrations, creates larger resin & wood artworks, almost raw table tops, bottle stoppers…and experiments with wood leaving this rough but creative, modular, inspirational material to take her up to new challenges.

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Also explore her Etsy page here.

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