Ecotips and tricks is a site about eco trends, tips on how to consume less and enjoy more. Find here all about green designs and green technologies, how to save money by recycling wood, metal, plastic or paper. Discover interesting ideas and home solutions, enjoy all the eco tips and tricks and do share your opinions regarding a better world through comments.

Ioana and Gabi are two designers that are interested in eco design, creative ideas about how to reuse, recycle and recreate new designs out of old materials.

Ioana – she is a fashion designer and illustrator and recently she started to paint in natural colors extracted from plants and fruit juices. From time to time, she will be happy to share her eco creations with everybody on Ecotips and tricks.

Gabi – among others, he is taking care of all the html stuff and undergrounds of this site. Apart of this, he is a normal guy: he likes posting in the garden, even if it rains. Because if Mother Nature would have a Facebook account, he would give her a LIKE.

Here are some of our main topics on Ecotips and tricks

Metal Recycling
Solar Energy
Textile Recycling
Holiday Ornaments
Air Plants
Paper Recycling
Spend Less Money on Fuel
Global warming
Contemporary Wooden Jewelry
Recycle Jars and Bottles
Recycle Plastic and Rubber
Recycle Deer Antlers into Art
Bird Feeder Ideas
Recycle Books and Magazines
Recycle Wood

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    Hi We would love to use the image of the driftwood in the shape of the heart on our website and facebook page and seek your permission to do so. Please email me or feel free to call 1300 85 33 24 to discuss this asap.
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