Handmade knitwear from Berlin

June 1st, 2011 - 

Handmade knitwear from Berlin. Recycled leather bags made by the twin sisters Daphne and Vera Correll. The two sisters are very skilled in hand-stitching, dyeing, weaving and knitting.
They made a brand of their own in 2006 and now they work in their studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The bags are
built by straps, twisted woven belts, overlaping layers of fisihng material and strings. Each bag is unique because the combination of the re-purposed materials that are not alike. Bags measure aprox. 25 cm. Via here.

London increases the number of electric car charging points

May 31st, 2011 - 

London increases the number of electric car charging points from 250 – the number of already existing charge points – to 1300 in the 2012. This means, London will have more charging points than gas stations and this is part of London’s wish: to be the electrical capital of Europe. You can find special places everywhere: near the subway, supermarkets and shopping centres, as well as residential streets.
Source London is the UK’s first citywide electric vehicle charging point network and membership scheme. Their aspiration is to have 100.000 electric automobiles on road and as much charge points as soon as possible. Also, the
future will bring an anual fee that consumers will pay and receive a card that allow them to charge vehicles at no additional cost at any charging points. Any vehicle that is pure electric or hybrid can be charged with this method (including vans, trucks, motorbikes or scooters). Here is a list of the charging points until now.
Via here.

Photo: B.Alter

Great idea to feed the homeless

May 31st, 2011 - 

There are, for sure, a lot of places that are not utilised to the max. I see the park near me and gardners that work the whole day to make the park just beautiful.The administration of my flat changes flowers in each season. But what if they would make something more useful than just planting lovely colored flowers? I saw once that McDonald’s, I think, had a project of installing a garden with vegetables in front of their entrance. 
A group of Colorado residents are aiming to utilize multiple city parks to produce 1,500 pounds of food to help the homeless. The group aims to involve people in the urban agriculture scene network and also to teach citizens about the
growing local food movement. The gardens are maintained by non-profit organisations, neighborhood groups and churches. The harvest will be donated to homeless people: woman and children. The project started with just one garden in a park in Denver but now, because the plan was a success, there are 13 different garden beds in 8 parks. See
Dana MIller and Barbara Masoner– in the movie here:

Zen art by Karen Margolis

May 31st, 2011 - 

Zen concepts and haiku japan poetry inspired Karen Margolis to create these crafted compositions in paper. Enso means circle in Japanese and it is a sacred symbol meaning perfection and infinity. The spaces are interpreted, you can see the positive and the negative in the same time or focus on that one that inspires you most.
Shadows of these art works are also very interesting. The artist burns the holes in the surface of the paper and then she plays with the layers.” I translate my interior monologues into molecular patterns of color. Plot out
extemporaneously, accumulations of dots mark the transformations of feelings through changes in color. I also sew on discs of paper and attach map fragments to reflect external distractions. These mind maps function to chronicle the behavior of chemical interactions in the brain for the duration of various “states of mind”, offering a glimpse into the formal arrangement of emotions.” See her site
here. Via Haute nature.

Scanned fabric design by Nienke Sybrandy

May 31st, 2011 - 

Nienke Sybrandy’s botanical artwork are a delight for every person who likes flowers and art. See here flowers created by photocopying: here it is a nice experiment the artist did. You are invited to do so: go in your garden, gather as much and as different flowers you can find.
Arrange them on your scanner face down and then put a black fabric over them so that you will have a contrast and better see the plants. Scan the image in your computer, and see the results, like here. All you have to do is to have a
nicely done bouquet of flowers and to put it to the scanner or copy machine. The 3D forms will be transformed into 2D to create a pattern. Lovely ideas on how to start your summer. Hope you will get inspired and custom your napkins or table cloth as you want. Via Haute nature.

100% cotton tablecloth 270×155 / set of 6 napkins in A3 size (30×42) / produced in the Dutch Textile Museum