Tip of the day: buy only what you need

December 12th, 2010 - 

1. Interrogate you each time you want to purchase:
– do I need this?
– if I buy it, then my life would totally changed?
– why am I buying this?
Being careful about what you buy can make you keep your life more simple and free of stuff you don’t need. Don’t buy things that you rarely use.

2. Instead of directly buy, better try

– maybe it is better to rent the thing or at least to borrow it and then you will see if you definitely would wear or like that object/cloth so much that you will wear it more than once.
3. Go shopping with a partner
– maybe you will take into considerration also his advices
– make a pact with your buddy: not to buy the thing if it cost more than X.

4. The rule of “wait”
– don’t be eager to buy everything that you suddenly like.
– take your time and then turn again in the shop the next day
– if you still love the thing after a few days, then you are allowed to buy

5. Transform the price
– let’s say that pair of shoes costs 100 euros.
– think of what could you buy with this amount if you don’t have to desperately buy the shoes?
– if it is really impossible to do so, buy it but then try to reduce the costs from other purchases

6. Make your money inaccesible
– to temper impulse buys it is better not to have cash with you
– better take a tour of the shop and take a careful look at what you would really buy

Tires – how to delay replacement

December 12th, 2010 - 

In order to delay the need to replace your tires you have some tips here:
– keep your tires properly infalted.
– check air pressure befor you go on a long trip
– you can find the proper air pressure numbers on your sticker attached to the car door, door post, fuel door or glove box.
– you can check for this number also in the owner’s manual
– at least monthly inspect the tires

– see if you can find some glass, stone or metal objects in your tires
– rotate your tires at about 10.000 km

– be careful on the road and how you drive your car: avoid fast starts or turns and holes.

In order to recycle responsibly see here:
– purchase products made from recycled tires such as picnic tables, benches in gardens or borders, floor mats and in general any rubber products
– support recycling
– don’t dump tires, care about environmental quality

Spare some money with things you can recycle!

December 11th, 2010 - 

Can i recycle tires? How about shower courtains? Or my old pair of jeans? Here you have a guide with tips and tricks on how to make the most of it and reuse everything you want. Enjoy!

1. Ways to Recycle Empty Prescription Bottles:
– you can storage seeds in them
– glue some bottles and use the collection on your desk as a storage place for your small things: hair pins, needles, matches, nails
– use the bottles in order to place some small flowers to make your desk funnier
– turn them into saltshakers
– paint the bottles and use them in decorative ways
– you can put spices in the bottles
– store buttons, beads or small objects for house use.
2. Recycle Flip-flops
– you can shred them to make stuffing for cushions
– you can use them to prevent legs of tables or chairs to scratch your floor
– glue them together to create a door stop

3. Reuse old jeans using these crazy methods: 
– create a small pocket place for your books
– patches – they are an add on to your style. you can play the designer’s role and be as free as possible to create endless possibilites out of jeans patches
– covers for your album or journal at school.
– if you have more pieces you could create a jacket out of so many and different colours and textures of jeans
– coffee cozies – like in the photo:

4. Recycle tires– what are the statistics untill now regarding tires:
– 130 million tires used as fuel
– 56 million recycled and used in civil engineering
– 27.5 million recycled into other projects: rubber, rood pads, shower tiles, truck bed mats
-12 million used as rubber modified asphalt and athletic tracks

What alternatives do I have for heating my home?

December 11th, 2010 - 

The rising electricity prices obliged us to look for other sources of heating our homes. But apart of costs, it is also a way to reduce the carbon emissions.

Solar heat and solar panels
There are many articles and good books about how to install and make the most of solar panels. The sun, for sure, can be a great source of heating your home. Install a solar hot-air collector panel on your house
exterior. the best location is the south-facing wall. But you will also have to have in mind the sun movement through winter months to find out the best location for our house.

Also the design of your house can improve the heating absorbtion. Some architects integrate the house in the landscape so that you can make use of the ambiental: a home that has a sun exposure to the front of the house it will loose less heat. Also, there are bedrooms that are builded underground because this is a great way to conserve the heat. The earth will retian it through the night.

Use less electricity

December 11th, 2010 - 

Today you will find some important thing about how to:

– conserve energy
– make the earth a greener place
– lower your bill
– you could start with the replacement of the old light bulbs with the saving ones. Now you can find them everywhere.
– when you are not at home, adjust thermostats to the minimum or even turn them off
– unplug electronics and devices like phone charges, toasters, hair dryers, TV’s- because anything can consume if they are plugged.
– when you are at home, use only the lights you need. turn off those that you aren’t using and then you will see how low your bill could become.
– take care of good isolation for your windows to make sure that the heating inside your house remain inside your house.:)
photo: showing the electricity in the air.