Reusing Lightbulbs as mini terrariums

October 13th, 2011 - 


Even if it is not a very new idea, I still like at and find it inspiring. To have such a tiny world of your own, directly on your desk. Rivers, stones, beautiul places, anything cand be created! All you have to do is to add some water inside from time to time and you will be rewarded with a little bit of nature every day, on your desk. Two tillandsia plants, also known as air plants, are nestled along with preserved reindeer moss in river stones held in place (more…)

White pots on walls

October 1st, 2011 - 


Barnacles are typically pesky creatures that anyone hates. But it is not our case. See here some nice ceramic vases that could be attached to walls in order to decorate them. Any flat wall will do because these nice vases will give theircreative input and make a splendour out of a boring wall. I think it is even better when the wall is (more…)