Jeroen Verhoeven’s biomimetic chandelier of 500 photovoltaic butterflies

May 31st, 2011 - 
We have seen a lot of chandeliers made out of different things ( recycled bicycle parts and cultured crystal ) but this time, it’s a solar-powered chandelier. Fantastic piece of design made out of 500 butterflies photovoltaic cells. I like the fact that this piece of art interpretates the idea of insects around the light source.

The crowdness makes the chandelier look precious and baroque. The chandelier explores the economy of light because it has innovative materials. The piece is self-sustained due tot the fact that it absorbes the light during the day to fuel
its own illumination at night. Designed by a Dutch artist-designer Jeroen Verhoeven, the chandelier combines ecological design with functionality and art. Currently, the butterfly chandelier is being exhibited as part of “The Curious Image” show at Blain Southern Gallery in London. Via Treehugger.

Photos: Bas Helbers, Giulietta Verdon-Roe