Floral Bird Feeder

January 11th, 2012 - 


Ellen Freeman is a specialist in ceramic. The artist confesses that she learned all by herself the ceramic art. She is specialized in stoneware products and porcelain and she is very happy to use botanical elements in her art. I was very happy to get myself inspired by her creative solutions in how to make some bird houses. (more…)

Dead books transformed into pieces of art by carving technique

July 6th, 2011 - 

What I nice idea to decorate your shelves! Instead of throwing old books, the Australian artist Kylie Stillman uses them and she carves beautiful artworks: trees and different plants: a pine tree, an oak or a maple tree. She considers books that are no longer useful, real canvas where she can artistically express herself: “I like to work with books because they have their own stories and history that they bring to the art.
I carve into the pages and the covers of the books create a frame for the pictures.” She finds books in second-hand shops or she receives unuseful or outdated books from family and friends.  After that, she works sometimes months for
each artwork and in the meantime she is trying to put all her thought together and to relax.
I like the idea of cyclicity: trees are carved in books that once were real trees:)

Scanned fabric design by Nienke Sybrandy

May 31st, 2011 - 

Nienke Sybrandy’s botanical artwork are a delight for every person who likes flowers and art. See here flowers created by photocopying: here it is a nice experiment the artist did. You are invited to do so: go in your garden, gather as much and as different flowers you can find.
Arrange them on your scanner face down and then put a black fabric over them so that you will have a contrast and better see the plants. Scan the image in your computer, and see the results, like here. All you have to do is to have a
nicely done bouquet of flowers and to put it to the scanner or copy machine. The 3D forms will be transformed into 2D to create a pattern. Lovely ideas on how to start your summer. Hope you will get inspired and custom your napkins or table cloth as you want. Via Haute nature.

100% cotton tablecloth 270×155 / set of 6 napkins in A3 size (30×42) / produced in the Dutch Textile Museum