Floral Bird Feeder

January 11th, 2012 - 


Ellen Freeman is a specialist in ceramic. The artist confesses that she learned all by herself the ceramic art. She is specialized in stoneware products and porcelain and she is very happy to use botanical elements in her art. I was very happy to get myself inspired by her creative solutions in how to make some bird houses. (more…)

Gold Point Vessel, the paper vessel made by Upintheairsomewhere

December 12th, 2011 - 


Upintheairsomewhere is a shop from Chicago that does ceramic and paper vessels. Among the small and large gold paper bowls, the yellow and peach fade vessels – here is my favorite. See in the following pictures the Gold Point Vessel. What could be more interesting and incredible good looking than a simple shape? The drama and glamour of gold leaf collides with the lightness and accessibility of paper-maché in this gold point (more…)

Polish artist NeSpoon and lace designs at the Baltic sea beach

July 7th, 2011 - 

Polish artist NeSpoon is providing a lot of entertainment at the Baltic sea beach. For those who do not know the artist, she is famous due to her pottery designs, street art, stencils and lace designs placed in different parts of towns.
For more details, see the pictures below. Delicate lace installations that complete the rocks or the trees and abandoned woods on the beach, as you can see. The art is interactive, the pieces are moved by the wind or the kids
constructing beach camps at the sea side. Via here.