Air plants decorations

November 2nd, 2014 - 

air plants decorations

Who does not like simple, minimalistic designs and decorations that can fill any space and fit any room? This time, there is a shop on Etsy that I want to show you: HRUSKAA. These guys are creating such beautiful things: geometric mobile objects inspired by the Finnish himmeli. These objects are suspended and they are in continuous movement, suspended with thin cords. (more…)

Crystal Rhinestone Deer Antler Art Sculpture

December 2nd, 2011 - 


Jennifer and Dave are two artist that have a strange passion: decorating deer skulls and antlers. For their creations, the two partners use more than 1000 crystal rhinestones. Imagine them adding each crystal one by one. The crystals used define the beauty of the deer skulls or its antlers. Above you can see a naturally shed, (more…)

Lyubov Polyakova’s ornaments

December 1st, 2011 - 


I fell in love with Lyubov Polyakova’s ornaments, dolls and handmade things: Matryoshkas, polymer clay dolls and home decorations. I think it is obvious when something is made with soul. Below you can see some very precious Christmas tree decorations: a Dachshund, a fish and a pony. Beautiful and original pieces that (more…)

Handmade knitted green Christmas Socks

December 1st, 2011 - 


Finally updated my handmade knitted Christmas Socks. Unfortunately, their were done only yesterday, so…a little bit too late for Christmas presents. But if you hurry, maybe I could send you a pair in time for winter Holiday! The socks are handmade and they are available in different colors and sizes: from 36 to 45 and having colors (more…)

Most Affordable Christmas Ever

December 12th, 2010 - 

This article is about how to make a decent December and not a horrible January. In your Christmas planning, you must take care of some basic estabilshments:

1. Financial point of view: how much money I want to spend?
2. Schedule p.o.v : in how many places do I have to be on Christmas?
3. Hosting p.o.v : How many invites can I have?

Giving a gift doesn’t mean you have to buy the gift
– we generally think that the most money we spend for a present, the more obvious our feelings are expressed and that we proove our love more
– but you can express your feelings and communicate bu giving some things that do not cost a penny.
– homemade Christmas gifts are the most valuable gifts ever
– it could be anything: a card, a homemade gift, or anything that proove your love and show hoh much energy, time and talents you put
Start saving money for Christmas
– just think of the amount of money you wold like to have on december.
– start 3 months earlier and divide the amount in 3.
– see how much you have to spare in a month
– and then see how you can make the economies.

Watch sales
– since you have already the amount of money and you know how many presents you want to buy and got your shopping list, just take a look at the discounts you have in this period of time
– now you can find a lot of great stuff even in november
– just watch for the sales in this period of time and buy the presents on sale
– don’t let the shoppings until 23 of December
– it will be too late and you will be obliged to buy them at full price