Lara Miller’s earth friendly pieces

October 10th, 2011 - 

Lara Miller’s earth friendly pieces have been called “sultry, sophisticated, and as endlessly variable as the woman who wears them” by The artist is inspired by the cultural landscape and the architecture of Chicago city. She uses organic cotton, bamboo, vegan silk. I like the fact that her clothes can be flipped, changed, reversed to create completely different looks. Her designs are meant to respect the earth and to (more…)

The Divine chair company sells divine chairs

October 2nd, 2011 - 

The Divine chair company seems really divine! 🙂 The designer from Divine chair not only create their models, they also adjust your old pieces of furniture to create this marvelous modern designs. Reuse materials and bring old furniture into the XXI century. Eccentric pieces that Kitty McBride brought to life. “I thought I’d put some out there and see how people reacted,” McBride says.” I think it is obvious that McBride has a background (more…)

Edible dresses made from fruits and vegetables

July 4th, 2011 - 

Fashion today goes beyond the limitis. It is not only about style, colors and status but about materials also. And these days, the designers thought of an edible collection of dresses made out of fruits and vegetables, chocolate and caramel, cake or jelley and also others that you can not even imagine.

Greendiary get together a collection of 26 pictures showing luxurious wearable designs that can be eaten at the end of the show. I really find inspiring some of them – see the first picture added in my post: I think the patterns could be
really interesting as an inspiring starting point for any fashion collection or work of art.