The Divine chair company sells divine chairs

October 2nd, 2011 - 

The Divine chair company seems really divine! 🙂 The designer from Divine chair not only create their models, they also adjust your old pieces of furniture to create this marvelous modern designs. Reuse materials and bring old furniture into the XXI century. Eccentric pieces that Kitty McBride brought to life. “I thought I’d put some out there and see how people reacted,” McBride says.” I think it is obvious that McBride has a background (more…)

Pauli wall coat

October 1st, 2011 - 

Oiled oak and laminated wood, these are the materials use dor this cute wall coat model. Made by the manufacturer SANCAL DISEÑO, designed by Nachact Berlin, the wall coat hanger looks so cool. Nachact Berlin is composed by 3 designers that met after work to establish a furniture studio: Mark Bergold, Julian (more…)

Poufs made by Designer studio Ricrea

July 6th, 2011 - 

All kind of poufs (cubes, round poufs or bench poufs) made by design studio Ricrea ( represented by the trio Angela Mensi, Ingrid Taro and Cristina Merlo ). The studio is well knows due to the unique furniture collections made out of industrial left-overs: latex and materials coming from the shoe industry.
Ricrea collection offers not only poufs but also sofas, armchairs, benches, vases, all hand-made in Italy. The poufs below are using industrial waste and it is said they are very confortable. Everything is handmade and recycled from
car tyres
that were previously cleaned and painted. Via here.

Transparent Hey Chair made by Fabio del Percio

July 5th, 2011 - 

The transparent hey chair was made by the designer Fabio del Percio. The 18 kg chair, having  a diameter 1000 cm x H 70 cm, is made using hay and hight quality materials. The pieces of furniture are made using the stuffing technique and the hay is covered in a plastic, strong and transparent PVC foil.
The lower part of the armchair, more precisely the bottom of each piece has small holes that allow the hay to breath. I imagine the smell in a room where you can find these hay armchairs! I was a few days ago in a pet store and I sniffed all the hay I could find in the rabbits area:) Also, in summer, my favourite place to sleep is in the already arranged
haystacks. Coming back to Fabio del Percio and the hay chairs: they are all handmade in Italy and it is adviced to change the hay from inside every 2 years. Instead of the hay you could also stuff newspapers or fabrics. Such an elegant and modern design!

Flexible vase made by Tatsuo Kuroda

July 5th, 2011 - 

What an interesting idea by Tatsuo Kuroda! Tatsuo was born in 1983 in Hokkaido, Japan. He graduated envirnonmental design at the Tama Art University and he did his master studies in Eindhoven at the local Design Academy. He has a lot of furniture design and product design projects that you can see on his site here.
The flower vase is made out of special material that can be bend around any flower to keep them in the desired position. The special material can be bend by hand, and it is made using silicon casting technique. You can arrange
one flower or a big bouquet because of the flexible material. Also, the plants will last longer because the pure 100% tin is keeping water clean.